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Toolie Web Design is unlike any other web design site you'll find on the Internet! You will discover that your site doesn't have to be fancy to be effective. In fact, studies show that well-designed, fast-loading pages are favored by search engines over more ostentatious designs. Best of all, the sites I create are meant to be maintained by their owners once the project is complete. My designs empower YOU to take over the site and truly make it your own.

In addition to having training in "usability" (how user-friendly a website is), I'm a trained Internet Marketer, so all of these principles factor into my designs. In addition to developing a site with you (collaboratively) or for you (where I do all the work), I can teach you how to turn that Joomla website into an e-commerce site that makes you money.

I Love Joomla!

Joomla is an open-source content management system that makes it affordable to expand your website into a long-term solution. Joomla is an international website platform, used for everything from entrepreneur websites to large company sites to government websites. With over 7,500 free and paid extensions available, Joomla is an exciting platform for taking your web presence to the next level.

  • Entrepreneurs love Joomla because they can afford special-purpose websites like event-registration or project management sites on a shoestring budget.
  • Small business owners love Joomla because its built-in access-control levels let owners determine who can work on the website and how much control they're permitted to have.
  • Associations love Joomla because they can afford a membership site that is customized to their needs, not some stock solution with unnecessary features that costs thousands of dollars.
  • Large businesses love Joomla because it provides a platform for growth, yet can be highly customized to their content and layout needs.

I've converted all of my own websites to Joomla as well as creating dozens of sites for clients. If you're ready to move to a platform that is highly customizable, multi-user, and able to handle years of growth, make an appointment to talk about your Joomla project with me.

Contact Me Today!

Let's talk today about what your site needs. Call me toll-free at 1-877-4TOOLIE (877-486-6543), and let's get to work!